Respect Individuals with special needs for What They Are

Working with children who have special needs is extremely rewarding. people with disabilities deserve our respect. I have always tried to be positive and respectful about disabilities. To me. it is our social responsibility to treat them with respect and also teach good behavior to our children or students.

you can find some useful tips on these websites:

Teach children in your child care program the appropriate words to talk about disabilities. Teach them how to speak respectfully to people with disabilities, and ways to offer help with courtesy. Encourage them to pay attention to what a child with a disability does well, instead of just the disability. Read more

As the population of children with special needs continues to grow, more and more scout leaders, soccer coaches, religious education instructors, librarians, music teachers and other adults are finding themselves working with these children for the first time. Read more

If you notice your child staring, take the lead. You might say, “I noticed you saw that little girl has a harder time walking than you do. She has cerebral palsy, which makes her muscles work a little differently.” Read more